Emergency Incident Management and Reporting Application
Incident Reporter is an Emergency Reporting tool that helps organizations collect, process and report information from various sources about the status of critical facilities and other city locations in case of an emergency. The tool is accessible through a website that displays the most current information on a map and allows users to enter updates.
Property Information
Property Information is an ArcServer Application developed on the Flex platform. It helps cities share any GIS dataset internally or with public accessible via any browser. This application comes with inbuilt tools to perform basic geo processing tasks. This application enables organization to quickly publish web-mapping
services tailored to specific organization via an intuitive administrative panel. Our product seamlessly integrates with your existing GIS setup and business process.
Metrics Project
This is a custom project developed in collaboration with California Emergency Management Agency and Super Urban Area Security Initiative. This application help the agencies throughout the state register, manage and track emergency related resources. This application is a complete
browser based solution with a very strong multi layers user management system along with a very strong dynamic distributed workflow.
Knowledge Base (KB)
KB is a geographically focused bibliographic database for the Gulf of Maine and its watershed. For this site we designed a dynamic mapping functionality that helps the users generate interactive maps on demand in combination with any two or more available datasets out of 10's of thousand of available datasets.
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