G4 Global Tech, Inc
GIS Application Development
ArcGIS Server Development
Your investment in GIS ultimately depends on its usability of the applications available to your users. We serve as the back room to these amazing applications that serve your users. We at G4GT know that if knowledge is powerful shared knowledge is even more powerful. Our expertise is in building these tools to share this knowledge of GIS.
Getting an Internet GIS application right is about having clear understanding of how the application will interact with every other piece in your system, and then optimizing these interaction to maximize performance. And from users prospective powerful solution is ultimately all about being useful, intuitive and complementary to current workflow.
We start the development of a GIS application with first consulting with the client about the purpose of the application, existing and surrounding systems followed by a detailed proposal for the technology plan, schedule and detailed system resource specification.
Our ArcGIS Server application expertise:
  • ArcGIS Migrations and Migration Planning
  • Geodatabase Development
  • Enterprise Intranet and/or Internet GIS Applications
  • ArcGIS Configuration, Implementation, and Customization (ArcSDE, ArcIMS, ArcGIS)
  • Custom Application Development
  • Public Access Applications (Internet and other)
  • Enterprise Data Planning and Configuration
  • ArcSDE, ArcObjects, Map Objects and Flex API libraries
  • ArcGIS mobile SDK with Visual studio .net
Alternative Platform Mapping Application
We have developed 100's of applications using other mapping platforms like mapping API's (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft etc), GeoServer, MapServer etc. We have the expertise to customize and create fully features and equally powerful applications using these platforms. We have extensive designing and developing extensive enterprise based solutions using these alternative, new and cutting edge mapping platforms.
Our alternative mapping platform expertise:
  • Web based GIS application development using MapServer, GeoServer, OpenLayers, MS4W, Mapfish, and MapNik
  • Software development using various mapping API's like Google, Yahoo etc.
  • Software development with Google Earth ® API, Google Earth ® integrations.
  • Software development with Microsoft MapPoint Web Services (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server)
  • Configuring Mapserver into Apache, IIS Web server of Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server along with the Web Mapping services (WMS) and Web feature services (WFS) functionalities.
    Desktop based application development using MapWindow GIS with visual studio.net.
G4GT dedicated center service (multi-disciplinary development groups, testing and QA teams, IT support) offers an effective solution to quickly deploy a large software project or organize a reliable support for your ongoing IT needs.