G4 Global Tech, Inc
Development Methodology
Our unique, well designed and evolved multi phase driven development methodology gives us the flexibility and the structure to develop great products.
In this phase we work with our clients to understand there needs and brainstorm to conceptualize a higher level goal for the the project.
In this phase we measure and prioritize requirement and goals and inline them with the scope and the bidet of the project.
In this phase we create extensive documentation for the project with Software Requirements Specification, Software System Architecture as well as Interface Design Specification.
For this phase the goal is to stay with the plan. We closely follow the created documentation for the project and conduct reviews at pre- determined checkpoints serving as quality gates and decision points adding the necessary flexibility that every project requires.
Beta Testing
After implementation with the help of our very talented testing team we not only perform standard automated tests including Black Box, White Box, Unit, Incremental Integration, Load and Functional testing among others, but our teams live the developed product simulating client needs and environment.
This is where we integrate the newly developed project inside clients software ecosystem. Even after deployment we work very closely with our clients to help them transition.
G4GT dedicated center service (multi-disciplinary development groups, testing and QA teams, IT support) offers an effective solution to quickly deploy a large software project or organize a reliable support for your ongoing IT needs.